Friday, April 10, 2009

The Technology Trap

Most mornings, I grab my coffee, and go sit at a red chaise at the front of my house. This is my spot, to relax and enjoy a few moments of peace before getting sucked into the technology trap. I write in my journal, I read, I look at the sky and the trees and the rustic rise and fall of my lawn. I love these moments to be near the even flow energy of my plants, and just allow myself to unplug a little bit.

By the end of the work day, my right arm and hand muscles are sore from the constant clicking. I have an obsessive need to check Twitter, Facebook, and Email. And Twitter is instant gratification since message pop up constantly. This was supposed to be a quiet morning, but I find myself clicking over to Twitter even as I write this blog. What are my favorite celebrities up to? Brent Spiner is getting made up as Data this weekend for his friends son! hahahaha. Yes, I'm easily distracted.

I feel like I'm being trained like a guinea pig to run circles on the information superhighway. Everything is so fast-paced, that it makes it harder for us to sit down with a book, or write with an actual pen in an actual journal with real paper. Why do that when I can post a blog, and interact with people I don't even know? Again, instant gratification.

But I am having so much fun with technology right now. At work, I'm embracing multimedia. I love taking pictures and writing stories for the web. It challenges my brain in other ways, and reminds me of the newspaper classes that sparked my love of journalism. It's so fun to think beyond the "30 second" radio story box.

So, while technology is good for us, I think it's also good to unplug, to listen to the birds, to breath in fresh air, to interact with each other. Okay, now I'm going to check Twitter.


McRiguez said...

Hmmm. You just gave me a good idea. Even though I'm not on twitter (and refuse to be) I am just too plugged into technology. I don't even give myself a moment to just sit and read. I think I'm going to move my computer out of my room and into the living room. My room will be my solace and I'll get my desk back to write.
Thanks =) It will now be my version of a chaise.

Lisa said...

Maybe we can start a national holiday.....a day to unplug and get in touch. Thanks for posting this!

natalie said...

hi! Kate listed you so here I am!
Have a reat holiday weekend! nice picture!

Kristin said...

Thanks for stopping in Natalie. Good holiday weekend to you as well!