Thursday, April 23, 2009

I used to be cool

If I could wear the exact same thing to work every day, I probably would. It would be a long-sleeved black shirt, my COH jeans (the only jeans I ever wear now), and my Cole Haan black boots. Every day. Rain or shine. I already repeat the same few pairs of pants and shirts every week. I have totally lost my "cool factor."

The "cool factor" used to come out and say hello much more often in my early 20's. I'd enjoy wearing vintage outfits, dresses, gloves, high-heeled shoes, flamboyant hats. I'd even dress up at work. One time my heels were so high one of the other reporters (in flip flops and khaki shorts) made fun of me:

"How will you ever catch a bad guy in those?"

Luckily, someone came to my defense.

"How often do reporters run after bad guys anyway. We're not cops."

But point taken. I hardly ever wear high heels nowadays to work. I often find myself tromping through mud, or standing out in the drizzle during "breaking news."

I'd wear the same outfit to work if I could, because shopping in Seattle is a serious pain. I hate navigating the congested streets, and parking in a $6 per hour lot where no one validates. In Portland, I'd easily park in a $1 SmartPark, and most stores would pay the ticket price. Plus, I always had my Mom and sister to go with me and urge me on. Here, it's too complicated to set up a "shopping date" with friends and take the ferry to Seattle. Luckily I have a boyfriend who could give a care if I was a "fashion princess."

The only time the "cool factor" comes out now is if I'm going on a date with David. I love to dress up, if it's the right occasion. Going out to eat. Seeing a show in the theater. Going salsa or swing dancing. I'll never lose my passion for fashion - but now I enjoy seeing it on other people instead of myself.

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