Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Hive

People with briefcases and backpacks swarm around the coffee stand at the ferry terminal today, like it's some sort of beehive for the busy. The bees inside make the honey at a feverish pace, arms moving so fast it looks like they each have 6. Worker bees drop off green pollen just as quickly in return for the building blocks of life: coffee.

By the time I order, the woman behind the counter is already making two Americanos.

"Do you want your same tall Americano today," she chirps to a woman standing several feet behind me.

"How was your weekend?" I hear another worker say to a regular. I am mesmerized they can slam together such perfect coffee drinks, while maintaining familiarity with their clients. This place is faster than Starbucks, and tastier too. Four baristas are crammed together as commuters line up to four separate windows. Two are for drip coffee only. The organization of the place is incredible, and I get my Triple Grande Americano with room for cream, and my change, in about 1 minute. Plenty of time to walk on the ferry and find a good seat.

This is yet another thing I love about Bainbridge Island. Everyone knows each other. Even at an incredibly busy coffee shop, there is that sense of community that everyone craves, and that I've talked about here before.

Earlier today I was wondering what it would be like not to have to commute over 2 hours every day. I'd have that much more time at home. It would be lovely, but I would miss the ferry, and Bainbridge Island, so much. It's all a game of give and take, but for now, I'm glad to be part of the hive.


Colleen said...

Love this post. My mom always wondered how I remembered everyone's drinks and pulled off making them... I say it's like any other job. There's a rhythem, a beat, and sound to the coffee. I kinda miss being a barista. I should visit Bainbridge Island... remember when I went to Bremerton, thinking you lived there? What a hole! But I understand Travis' parents live there... maybe Kris and I didn't go far enough into the island. Eh...

Paula said...

Fun post! I don't know what I'd do without coffee in the morning. (I have to make my own drip coffee, which is unexciting but does the job. Boyfriend is a master of the French Press which takes it to another level.)

And I find all areas of life to be give and take.

Kelly said...

The woman at the coffee shop I went daily in Brooklyn began to know me and my order by the last few days. (It helps to have a strange order sometimes :) That one coffee shop and the energy and kindness of that one barista made every day start well.