Friday, January 30, 2009

Our apartment in San Miguel de Allende

I just wanted to show you all what one could get for $350 for 6 nights in San Miguel de Allende. We rented this beautiful apartment from a Vancouver, BC couple who spend 6 months of the year here. We are lucky they were in Puerto Vallarta for a week when we wanted to come to town. Below is our living room.

Now another view.

The kitchen.

The little dining room table where I sit and write my blogs.

The cozy bedroom. Too bad the beds in Mexico are harder than I'm used to. Oh well!

It's a well-decorated apartment with lots of art.


McJumpguez said...

Wow, that looks beautiful! So is tat where you're sitting right now as we chat?!

Colleen said...

That is a great place to stay! Even beats a 5 star hotel!

Lisa said...

Oh how beautiful. I love being on vacation with you guys!

Paula said...

Seriously, 6 nights for $350???