Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Gravity of San Miguel

I am sitting in a hotel room high above Mexico City, looking at the smoggy clouds and feeling a bit of post-vacation blues. Technically, I am still on vacation, but I feel like I'm somewhere flat and drabby, where before, everything around me was a feast for my senses. Bright colors, laughing families, the aroma of tacos and gorditas. The entire city of San Miguel felt so alive, like it was pulling every ounce of my being into a soft embrace. We spent our last night roaming around taking pictures and videos, trying burn every ounce into our retinas.There haven't been very many places I've felt this type of connection, and same with David. There are artists, writers, musicians, just creative minds everywhere. We found ourselves having random conversations with Americans and Canadians in coffee shops, in bars, in taxis. Everyone is so friendly and open. It's like we all have this connection that says, "yeah, I get it. This place is magical. We are so lucky to get to share this moment here."We recorded a "what we'll miss" segment about San Miguel, which I will post with my favorite pictures on Monday. I think if I did it now, I'd get depressed. I already miss it so much, and I've only been away for 8 hours.

David and I spent our last evening at a romantic restaurant called, The Restaurant, and yes it was deserving of that name. We ordered a delicious bottle of Mexican Shiraz, and I had salmon and he had meatloaf. I had to see how tasty the Pacific Salmon was as far away as San Miguel, and it was delicious, just like Seattle. The restaurant is in a courtyard, with white Spanish architecture. The fountain behind us is filled with floating pink rose petas.
When the restaurant closes, it once again becomes just a door. No fancy signage, just a simple, wooden door. Everything here is about simplicity.

Goodbye, San Miguel, we will miss you so.


McJumpguez said...

Good post. That does sound like a very romantic restaurants.

Man, I love those types of doors. Love them!

p.s. I'm on my new computer. Yay!

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for taking us along on this beautiful vacation. I've never heard of San Miguel before, and now, I want to go there. I loved the two photos, with you in front of the door, then the door, without your presence. As if the door was mourning your loss.


Paula said...

Hasta la vista, baby! :-) Now that you have found such a special place that you connect with, you can go there in your daydreams and dream of going there again for a visit, maybe for an extended stay, some time. When you want to write your best seller. Loved the pictures. By the way, everybody, it is KRISTIN'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!

Donna said...

I've enjoyed coming along on your San Miguel journey. Yes, it is absolutely magical, and what you felt many of us have experienced.

On my very first trip to SMA, almost 20 years ago, I looked out the bus window, at this place I'd never seen before, and KNEW I was HOME. It still feels that way.

If your readers would like to know more about this magical, mystical town in the central highlands, they can visit my website, Lots of info, lots of photos. It's a true labor of love.

Thanks for the trip.

Travis said...

its like europe in the desert :)

Mireya Mascarello said...

Oh my Gosh!!! Me he quedado sin palabras.. tu blog esta increible y ni que decir de tus fotos, profesionale!
Que barbara! te anotaste un 10!
Fueron a uno de los mejores lugares en MX, so colorful!
Vival Mexico!!!