Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's January's Fault

It's almost 8am, and the light is just starting to creep over the land, filling hollow spots with a dusty glow. It's that dulled winter tone that makes the trees and ground look the same color. Colors are muted, tree tops long black hands raking the sky. It's this January darkness that's getting to me this month. I feel so tired every morning, even though I'm in bed at a reasonable hour. 7 hours of sleep should be the least I can get and still feel allright in the morning. Every weekend, when I allow myself to sleep in with the sun, I feel wonderful, rested, ready to face my day. But waking up during the week at 7am when it's still pitch-black is something my body is having a hard time rectifying. I'm tired of being tired. I like feeling wide awake, especially since my job is one where I need a sharpness and a creativity. I can't afford to feel like a hibernating bear. I'm also faced with this strange fact that I get a burst of energy around 10pm or 11pm, and just want to stay up reading.

The only good thing about the dark, difficult month of January is that it helps me look forward to the spring. I love it when the light begins earlier every day, when I can see tiny buds pop on tree branches, and flowers curl their heads from the Earth. That's when I wish I could awake, with all the plants and slumbering animals of the world. They all hibernate for a reason, why do we keep chugging along, all frantic in our daily lives?

I know this will seem like pointless whining for people I know who wake up at 2am or 3am to go to work. You, I hold in the highest esteem.


McJumpguez said...

Maybe that's why I'm feeling so glum today.

Travis said...

I am right there with you. Its one of the reasons I am not looking forward to coming home to Mexico today...I need the sun to survive.

Paula said...

Maybe it affects most of us. I know I feel more energetic in the long days of summer when it's light until nearly 10 pm. The days themselves are darker with more rain and overcast - the darkness in the a.m. doesn't affect me as much as I rise at the crack of dawn anyways - but when it begins to get dark out the windows from work after 4 p.m., it makes me tired and want to leave! It's harder to be motivated to run errands in the dark and cold. Arrrggggh, whine, whine. Well, on the bright side, we in Oregon and Washington probably appreciate the sun as much as anyone on the planet. That's why when it's sunny and 65 men are out in shorts and no shirts washing their cars, while they are still cold in So. Cal.

Emily said...

I can definitely relate! I've found that if I make myself get up 20 minutes early and allow myself to slowly wake up with a cup of coffee, I'm much more awake by the time I leave for class at 7:30. When I wake up late and am rushing out the door, It's difficult to shake the sleepy feeling. Try it!