Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ahhhhh Mexico!!!

Today has been one of the best of our trip. We took a taxi out to Rancho Del Sol Dorado at 930 this morning, so I could go horseback riding. It was about 10 minutes of out town, and down a long, bumpy dirt road. The ranch is large, with dusty trails and cactus, and horses everywhere. Pure heaven for me. While there, I learned that Doc Severenson, a famous US trumpeter, is renting a house on the ranch.

They put a Western-style saddle on my horse Zapata, which is a Criollo horse. They explained to me that this means part Mexican mustang called an Azteca, and part Andalusian or Arabian. They are short and sturdy. I fell in love with this horse, who had spunk and curiosity.

I started off in the arena, just getting used to his feel, doing walks trots, canters and circles. He responded well to gentle touch, and peered cautiously of reflections in standing water.

It's so exhilarating riding fast through the dirt, with my hair flying behind me. We even got to gallop on the trail. There's something so powerful about feeling this horse thundering down the dusty road, and being a part of him for an instant. I had to hold him back with all my might, he would have run with the wind if I let him.

My guide, Roberto, was really good with horses, and I got to practice a lot of Spanish with him. His mare, the dappled gray, never walked, she pranced, the prissy little thing. I rode her later on and had a hard time getting her to slow down. I swear I got a bicep, stomach and leg workout today! I'm going to be SO SORE tomorrow.

While I was out riding, David relaxed in the backyard of one of the huge, stone guesthouses. I didn't even want to ask how much it cost to rent the place for a week. It was absolutely beautiful.

We took some time after my ride to lie in the sun and relax, this may be the first day I got a little sunburnt on my nose! Can you see us in the distance on our chaises? This was such a lovely experience, with the warmth on our face, and a slight breeze rustling the plants. The housekeeper brought out two fresh glasses of lemonade on ice, without even asking. The only sound was a rooster crowing, and dogs barking.

Ahhhhh, this is the life. But I wish I had an umbrella or hat. David just wants to get tan.

The owners were also very nice, a couple from San Francisco. The man was born in Mexico, but spent most of his life in San Fran until now. He and his wife moved here 5 and a half years ago, and built up the entire property. It seems like they have a thriving business here, renting out houses and giving horseback riding lessons and trail rides. I recommend it, and would definately come back!


McJumpguez said...

Oh migosh! Sounds fantastic. I've never seen a picture of you ride! You look great!

Yeah, when I'm in mexico, all I want to do is tan too =)

Neo said...

nice when you go on vacation and its just what you wanted.

Anonymous said...

This was a great day. With the constant gentle breeze, the hot sun went unnoticed. The hour or so spent basking in the sun left me a few tones darker. I may not leave here sounding like a Mexican (don't speak a word of Spanish), but at least I'll look more like one.
posted by David (Kristin's vacation companion and more)

Paula said...

THAT looks and sounds like Mexico Horse Heaven. What a choice spot. Beam me up, Scotty!