Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At Last

I will remember this day forever, and will surely bore my grandchildren with the stories about the day the first African-American man took the sacred Presidential Oath. Just looking at these pictures, and saying the words "President Obama" makes me tear up.

I remember one year ago this month, when I was assigned to cover Obama's visit to Seattle. I attended a press conference, and sat 10 rows back. I got within a few feet of him as another reporter asked him a question. I still remember the way energy glows around him, how he can entrace you with his smile and laugh. Just being in his presence is something I'll cherish forever.
This is a man I can look up to, who's meant to inspire, to lead our great nation to magnificent heights. I saw him speak to a packed crowd at Key Arena, and I've never heard a crowd roar that loudly. Just think, just think what we can do as an American people if we are inspired, if we help our neighbors, if we work hard to lift this country back up.

I never thought one could feel this way about a political leader. I have a reverence for President Obama, and I could listen to him for hours. I don't expect him to weave miracles, I expect him to be true to his word, and try the best he can to accomplish his promises. I don't care if this takes years, two terms even, as long as he's in office and helping everyone achieve the American dream.

I feel so proud to be an American, and can't wait until the day the world looks up to us once again. As President Clinton once said,

"People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power."

Go, President Obama, lead the world to peace.


Neo said...

Our new president is an amazing man, I will say that. I don't hold to any one party, have voted both sides of the isle, but do lean more republican
I can see this man achieving great things, and I do hope a second term in his future. At the same time it scares me, but the American gov't system "checks and balances" I think these fears to be my mind playing tricks on me

Lisa said...

You picked a perfect title for this entry. Thank you for all of it.

Colleen said...

I cannot wait for the day when my children are assigned that obligatory 'do a report on a president.' I'll proudly reveal my magazines and newspapers to him or her and he or she will have the best report evar!