Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Running for the Cattle Car

I was literally the last passenger to make it onboard the 7:05 ferry sailing today. David and I left the house at 6:52 instead of 6:50, and its amazing how two minutes is an eternity. We pulled up to the ferry terminal and I was off like cheetah, running in high heels, with my 20 pound backpack bumping around, my hair streaming out behind me. I sprinted down the tunnel, praying, hoping that I wouldn't fall, that I would make it. Finally, the ramp to the boat comes into view and DAMN, the gate has been lowered, they are ready to tuck the boardwalk away. But then one hand comes out, then another, then a smiling face, "Hurry up!" I run on the cattle car, then promptly drop my lunch on the deck. Everyone on board is staring at me, like I'm some sort of freak for running onto the boat. All those well-dressed people with their laptops already open, their books already cracked, they were EARLY to the boat. Feeling stupid, I went upstairs and sat outside, and caught my breath.

This is my drama almost every morning, but I'm usually NOT the last person on board. I'm 5th from last.


Travis said...

every single one of those other people on that boat has run just as insanely as you did this morning. they were just thinking to themselves watching you..."i know what she feels like...thankfully it wasn't me today" tomorrow...you can think the same thing.

Travis said...

this also reminds me of the time I left Spokane on a flight to Phoenix where I was to change plans for San Diego for a week in the sun in the midst of -14 degree January.

Ice plagued our take off...I had only an hour to change in AZ...which was quickly used up as we sat on the runway in Spokane...

We landed in PHX and I had exactly 6 minutes to get to my other gate... we landed at gate YY and I had to get to gate B. I never check luggage so I had a laptop bag and a carry-on. I hoisted both onto my back and literally began SPRINTING through Skyharbor airport.

I was the last person on the plane...seconds before they closed the door...I sat down and then my lungs exploded...I was in pretty good shape then (running 5-8 miles a day) ...but the sudden temp change (spokane to AZ) the heavy bags...and then sheer cheetah like sprinting. Its the only time in my life I thought I might have a heartattack (or an asthma attack or just collapse both lungs).

Kristin said...

Man that plane connection sounds INTENSE! I'm so glad you didn't have a heart attack! It really stressed me out when I have to run for the ferry, which happened AGAIN today (but I wasn't last). I just need to leave the house earlier, but its oh so hard.