Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I feel so much better

I am so glad to be on the ferry right now, indulging in a hefeweizen. I felt like I couldn't breathe all day today, and now I can. When I'm home relaxing, playing tennis, or on the ferry, I can breathe fine. But the minute I get on the bus in Seattle, then get to work, I feel my chest tighten, my airways constrict, and I can't get a good breath in. Today I spent the entire day feeling wheezy and light-headed. I think I might have asthma, but I don't know what triggers it. Sometimes I think it might be stress, or the chemicals and dust at work, or the odors on the bus. I know its not induced by exercise, because I can play tennis for 45 minutes without feeling short of breath.

I sometimes think work is what makes it hard for me to breathe. From the minute I get there, I'm expected to write all new content for the noon hour, cut up the 11am television, conduct interviews for Lifebeat and produce it, and produce some sort of package for the afternoon or morning. I do most of this sitting straight up in my chair, forgetting to breathe, or I overbreathe, which is caused when someone tries to hard to take deep breaths, gets too much oxygen in their system, then feels woozy.

I just need to chill out, take breaks, walk around, and enjoy the sunshine.

I'm so glad I finally feel relaxed, headed to my wooded sanctuary on Bainbridge Island. I wish I could stay there all day long.


danielskiffington said...

Yikes, that doesnt sound good. Looks like its time for KOMO's health reporter to get a check-up her self. The job is stressful though, there's no getting around that.

Colleen said...

You poor thing. Maybe you need more love porch time?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dan and Colleen. This is stress telling you to chill out. You're young and healthy, a blessing. But nothing ravages a body faster than stress. Listen to yourself. Make yourself get up and walk around the newsroom, or outside once an hour. I'm not kidding.

Anonymous said...

Stress can cause this and be sure to address it (just by countering it with de-stressors)....but don't underestimate allergies this time of year. I have been wrestling with a weird shallow cough and chronic tickling in my lungs, and some shortness of breath this week, yet don't feel sick. (Paula)

Kristin said...

Yeah allergies could be another factor, cause I did notice my eyes got super watery and I also felt sniffly. I'll also try to relax a bit more and not get too *into* work.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Have you had a vitamin? What about a mint? Would you like a cookie?

seriously though, you are a shooting star and have a WICKED GOOD future. Don't let the weasels get in your head.