Monday, July 28, 2008

The adult life

The first time I visited Bainbridge Island, I came with my Dad in the summer of 2006, right after I moved to Seattle. My Dad and I have both always loved to ride boats, and I remember walking around downtown Winslow, thinking it was the most boring place on the planet. I saw a couple cute bistros, but not enough people walking the streets! Not enough action!

"I could never live here, " I told my Dad. He loves to bring that comment up now that I'm living so happily on the island.

I had a fun year living on lower Queen Anne in the hustle and bustle, but got sick of the fraternity/sorority people roaming the streets, bums on every corner, impatient drivers cutting me off at every crosswalk. I miss the Indian food, and the wine bar Bricco's, but that's about it.

Now, I am content doing the exact same thing every day. I ride the ferry home and either blog or read, then David and I play tennis in Winslow for about 45 minutes, go to the grocery store, and go home and sit on the deck and talk while we grill our dinner amongst the trees. Then we eat and watch my now favorite BBC comedy, Chef, or Northern Exposure (we just snagged the ENTIRE series at a garage sale).

I love my life as "late 20-something." I don't care as much about the parties, the dancing, the crazy nights "out on the town." I do enjoy it sometimes, mind you, but my favorite thing to do is to be with the person I love, at our quaint home, on an island far out in the sea.

It's anything but boring.


Travis said...

I understand TOTALLY!

McJumpguez said...

That sounds IDEAL. I can't wait to visit in a couple weeks!

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

The passages of life are wonderful.

We evolve, much to our own amazement. (I speak here for myself)

Lisa said...

You make it all sound so delicious. I envy you guys! Of course, I do pretty much the same thing every night, except I can't get the dogs to hold their tennis rackets correctly!

Sue said...

I long for quiet moments much of the time now...can I borrow Northern Exposure when you're done? haha