Friday, July 18, 2008

Bah Humbug

Today is my coworker Colleen's last day. The past 8 months have been SO much fun with her on the afternoon desk....there are so many fond memories: sampling beer live on the radio, laughing over soundbites, just having FUN at work. It seems like the chemistry of work is changing with her and Dan gone, and it's bumming me out a little bit.

On the flip side, I'm SO excited for Colleen in her new career, and I think someday, we will see her on big time in Seattle, in New York City, who knows! It will be fun to stay connected through the blogosphere, and keep up with life in Spokane, and life on TV!

It's always hard to see a coworker and friend go, but I also know there are NO GOODBYES! So don't worry Colleen, I won't say goodbye today....just "See you Later"!!

Good luck! I'll miss you!


danielskiffington said...

We all feel the same...we'll miss you Colleen...but know we'll see you soon!

Colleen said...

You're sweet Kristin. I will miss you!! Damnit I will miss you!