Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pet Peeves

I had a bad day today, in which all my pet peeves were exposed. I'm doing MUCH better now that I'm on the ferry heading home to Bainbridge Island, with my weekly ferry beer. Now, I'll go through my list of annoyances.

1. Lack of sleep
An extremely loud noise wakes me up from a deep sleep around 2am. It turns out it was the shower curtain, but I can't fall back asleep, thinking a boogey man punched a window screen in, and is tiptoing up the stairs with a knife. I almost lock the bedroom door, but instead, put in earplugs.

In the morning, my eyes are way too sore and tired to put in my contacts. I should have left them out. I have my second scare of the day when I see my dark under eye circles in vivid detail in the bathroom mirror.

2. Lack of space on ferry
Tired, clumsy, and seasick, I wander around the ferry looking for somewhere, ANYWHERE, to plunk my butt down so I can surf the Internet and distract myself from aforementioned frightening episodes. I proceed to notice on this extremely packed ferry, people think they are entitled to lie down and take up AN ENTIRE BENCH. As if 30 minutes of shut eye is more important than my butt. If you need an entire bench, BUY THREE TICKETS. To make matters, worse, some people took up an entire seat with a jacket, a pacifier, a backpack.

Anyway, I finally find a seat to find my computer is almost dead, sit in numbed silence for a few moments, then put on my 80 pound pack in search of a seat near a power outlet. After circling the "vessel", I finally find a godforsaken seat that is facing backward and making me very nauseus, and find my computer won't pick up Internet.

3. Public Information Officers that IGNORE reporters
I get to work and am dispatched to a story that I think will be very fun, full of interesting interviews and sound opportunities. I drive all the way down to SeaTac airport, and on the phone, the public information officer for the Port of Seattle tells me, "SURE...come on down....just page me when you get here and we'll send a shuttle."

I sit, I page him, I sit more, I page him FIVE TIMES TOTAL. I am sitting there in a parking lot in the middle of nowhere for 90 minutes with Internet that barely works, and I have to pee from that grande Americano I drank from being so tired. The public information officer either died, became part of the plane crash drill, or decided that I'm completely unimportant. I vote for the latter, and drove back to work feeling very peeved that I was stood up.

Ok, I think that might be all my pet peeves for the day, and its only three. All three of these things were very traumatic, and I finally calmed down once I ate a meatball sandwich David made for me.

Everything is fine now, and I'm very, very thankful that nobody at work chewed their gum near me today.

I might be in jail.


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

And don't forget that there's *another* temporary issue we're *all* dealing with as a group.

That's code, but I'll bet you get it.

McJumpguez said...

Haa haa. A gum chewing, flip-flop wearing dude.

Colleen said...

I hate those kinds of days! Poor baby! At least you can drink on your way home!

Lisa said...

This will be the only time I say this, but God Bless Meatball Sandwiches!!!!!!

Sue said...

I'm sorry for your lousy day. Sweet Pea says tomorrow will be better!