Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One of my favorite places on Earth

We went to Laguna Beach in Orange County, California to celebrate my sister's 21st birthday. Our favorite restaurant there is called Las Brisas, and it's high on a hill about the curvature of the white, sandy beach far below.Emily got a kick out of being carded, and ordered her very first drink. Ever. After starting off the afternoon with drinks and delicious food on the patio, we headed to look at Laguna Beach.
It was gorgeous, except for the huge clumps of smelly seaweed littering the beach. Kinda like Bainbridge Island looks when the tide is down, or there's a sewage spill.
But that didn't stop us from wandering down to the hot white sand, taking off our shoes, and sticking our Oregon toes into the warm California water. It was cold, but I'm used to my feet turning red and falling off when I touch the water in the Northwest.

I love being near the coast - the rumbling of the waves is a sedative. I could lie on the shore and listen all day long.

This is one of my most favorite beaches in Southern California. It's an artsy town full of boutiques, ice cream shops, and restaurants. It's away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

We had a great time with the sand in our toes, and the sun in our hair, and burning the crap out of our shoulders.

Goodbye Laguna. I'll miss you until next time.

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Paula said...

I spent so much time there in my youth, it was one of my favorite escapes. Even though it has grown and become more built up over time, it's still a beautiful spot and feels like home to me. I like the vibe - comfortable, not plastic. Las Brisas is not to be missed, nor is the long, beach front walkway.