Monday, June 8, 2009

In which we are binars

There is one clue that will tell you whether you are a nerd, a dork, a Trekkie and everything in between: when you understand what Binars are, and take it as a compliment when used to describe your relationship.

Last Sunday David and I celebrated my stepmom's 50th birthday with a Sternwheeler cruise up the Columbia River Gorge, and afterward stopped to see some beautiful waterfalls. We both have a very quirky sense of humor, and were practicing karate moves to celebrate the force of the Horsetail waterfall. We often do the same odd things without saying anything out loud.

"They're like Binars," my stepmom said, chuckling to my Dad.

I completely agree. Binars were in an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation, and were two people (aliens) that communicated nonverbally, and mostly with binary numbers and computers. They spoke at a frequency nobody else understood. David and I definately march to the beat of a different drummer, but that drummer plays for both of us.

That is a normal picture of us on the Sternwheeler, and below is another normal picture of us at Multnomah Falls.

Then, David decided his head looked too big relative to mine (Cabezon!), so we took a picture to put it all in perspective.

And a great time was had by all.By the way, I think I should use this as the picture on my press pass, or license, or passport.

Or....maybe not. Next I will become a Klingon.


Paula said...

A Klingon sounds bad for a relationship! Binar sounds like a better concept. Nice pictures, you guys are cute (and fun).

Colleen said...

Love your trekki comparison :)

Colleen said...

P.S. I saw Star Trek again!

McRiguez said...

Your guys' dork is showing!

Sue said...

Sweet! You're a sci-fi geek too! I like that last pic. You should use it for your bio on the company website.

Kelly said...


Lisa said...

That's so great! I was born a binar....(identical twin) so I totally get all that stuff.

My favorite photo is the one where you guys are trying to even out your head size!!!