Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fast Food is the Death of Me

A hungry tummy often overrules thoughts of reason while working as a reporter out in the field. Today I ran around frantically until 3pm, when I decided I better do something about my growling stomach. My hands had started to shake, and my brain craved an injection of energy. The only glucose nearby? McDonalds. Big mistake. A big mac of a bad time. I'm still regretting going through that drive-through and ordering a Filet-o-Fish (gag me!), and a small fry (bending over the toilet retching!). Ugh, ick, disgusting. I feel like a giant vat of discarded vegetable oil, hours after the last fries were blasted into cancer sticks. Listless, useless, my body craves salmon and broccoli.

I remember and time and place when fast food was exciting. I never understood why my parents groaned as we drove through the drive-thru at McDonads or Taco Bell or Kentucky Fried Chicken. I loved the Filet-o-fish with no cheese, the chicken nuggets with honey, and we'll talk about Taco Bell in a moment. I loved munching on my goodies as we headed on our road trips, hours dragging on end. The monoteny was broken by those delicious juices oozing out of that gray fish. Delish!

Fast-forward to high school. The inside of my white Nissan Maxima often resembled a fast-food cemetary. White Taco Bell bags stood like tombstones in the back seat and on the floor, the rotting entrails of bean burritos inside. People wouldn't ride with me because of the stench. I had a terrible habit of eating something from that death hole every day after high school. Maybe it was my own way of rebelling. Forget drugs and alcohol! Kristin ate TACO BELL!

Fast-forward another 10 years. I can hardly stand the sight and smell of fast food. I usually take great care in packing lunch and eating a healthy dinner. I hate how fast-food is the norm for many people, who can't afford to cook their own meals. I wish they had other options, like cheap fresh veggies and fish. I feel like that processed Filet-o-Fish expanded inside my belly, creating an alien of a fast food pregnancy. I can't handle it. I'm full and hungry at the same time. I'm about to explode.


Lisa said...

"Full and Hungry at the same time". You've just explained it all. There is no nutrition in that mass-produced food, although it helps the blood sugar thing.

But don't beat yourself up. My suggestion would be to get a stash of Balance bars or something like that and keep them in your bag with your laptop. Then you can at least grab one so you can make a clear-headed decision.

But I know what you mean. I've been there...

Paula said...

Wow, that description made me permanently lose any appetite I ever had for fast food, ha ha! So here's another tip. Keep some raw almonds or other nuts in your backback. Since I eat so frequently in small amounts, I have to take time to plan ahead (time which of course I don't have), make stuff, bring stuff. Still I'm not above diving into a plate of (good) fries every couple of months and enjoying every bite.

Neo said...

you nailed it girl! the filet o fish, several years ago, when my boss' company was just him and myself, we finished the last work of the year, stopped at Micky-D for the "end of year party", drive through, filet o fish both of us, and when I got home, straight to the bathroom to let the sandwich 'flow' straight through my body, boss had a similar experience.

Colleen said...

It's funny because I haven't eaten fast food in months and the last time I did the food hit my stomach like knives and fire.

Once your body adjusts to eating REAL food it has no idea what to do with mass-produced, chemically enhanced fast food. YECK!

But seriously, we've all been there.

McRiguez said...

Oh, I totally now what you mean. I'm a huge sucker for either McDonald's fries, or their egg McMuffin. But usually, even before I'm done with my last bite, my tummy is already angry.
My parents had us eat as healthy as we could. Everything was in moderation. One of my favorite things was every Friday, my mom would treat me to any fast food place I wanted. We always ate home cooked at home everyday, so I just couldn't WAIT for Fridays. I'd usually pick Burger King for their burgers, and my mom and I would sit under this apple tree right in their parking lot, eat and chat. It's a tradition I'm sure she started with my brothers and continues with my nephews. I'm sure to continue it again. As a result, I rarely eat fast food. Key is moderation.