Monday, February 16, 2009

Why oh Why?

Maybe I'm missing something here, that I don't really understand why stars feel the need to pose nude on the cover of magazines. It's a top story on the ABC website, and you can click through and see all the magazines where stars decided to take their clothes off for a photo shoot. Most of them are women, posed in cute, "I'm a vixen" poses. What is the reasoning behind this, especially when everything is fake and air-brushed? Why do women with husbands and children need to show the world their "goods"? Heidi Klum says her husband Seal saw the pictures, and says "its important to feel sexy in front of your husband." Sure, but does that mean millions of people should be exposed? Why not take nice photos and just share them with him if that is the driving reason?

I don't really have a problem with this per se, but I'm just curious what drives a person to do it. I'd be more impressed if a star with a less than perfect body chose to take her clothes off, instead of a picture perfect model. Everyone knows Heidi Klum is a Victoria's Secret model who is , but does does her nude body need to scream out at us from supermarket checkstands? I think a nude photo is okay if it has a message behind it, or is a moving emotional image.
I find the naked, very famous photo of John Lennon moving, and a form of art. This photo shows him, this mighty star, as exposed in front of his wife. He's giving us an intimacy that doesn't shout, "Hey! Look how hot I am!" It says much, much more. I could stare at this photo for hours, and wonder what is going through his head, what is his relationship like with Yoko, what if he knew he'd be shot only a couple days later? There is so much raw emotion here.
I wish stars would think about the "why" when they take their clothes off, instetad of just wanting to tout their beauty to the world. It's like someone photographed sitting on piles of money, just to show how "rich" they are. How shallow could we get? At least people like John Lennon once graced the world. Who will be next?

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dog grrrrl said...

You know when I saw that picture I thought she looked like she was going to the bathroom. Kind of unsexy to me:)

That being said I have no problem with nudity. Probably if I looked like that I'd do it too. Not publicaly but what the hell. I have a problem with people getting their panties in a bunch over Janet Jackson's nipple and allowing very violent images to pass muster.

Remember when all the beheadings were making news? They didn't show them entirely but enough to give even my 40 year old brain nightmares. That upsets me. T & A not so much.