Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ferry Crowding

There are some social situations that are just awkward. One of them is when a person is facing you in the elevator. Another is when a person is facing you on the ferry.

I caught one ferry earlier than normal today, which means I'm tired and cranky. It will all go away in a couple of hours, but right now I'm easily annoyed. For some reason, all the people sharing my "booth" on the ferry are driving me nuts. There are 4 people sitting near me, chatting. I want them all the leave. I want the entire booth to myself. I don't want someone's knees 2 feet from mine, or someone's foot 5 inches from my backpack. GO AWAY. I seem to have a problem with my space being invaded.

Right as I type this, the two men sitting directly across from me got up and moved away. I wonder if they got my strong brain waves, or read my thoughts. They were sitting there most of the trip, talking and looking over my head. They weren't being loud, or obnoxious. They were well-dressed and on their way to work. Why was this bothering me so much? I think when I'm tired, everything bothers me. Certain lighting bothers me, voices bother me, my arm is sore, I don't like the way my hair feels on my neck. Yes, I have sensory sensitivity issues.

Luckily, I know this annoyance will go away. It's a symptom of my taking forever to wake up. I got 7 hours of sleep, so enough, but I'm still groggy and chugging coffee. All I have to say is thank goodness I don't work the morning shift, or my coworkers would hate me.


dog grrrrl said...

Oh I can relate but my irritation is going into the grocery store up here on a cranky day.

It's like the 21 century hasn't hit North Bend. EVERYONE still writes checks here. I get so pissy. I just want to scream at the three little old ladies in front of me who drag out their rubber banded checkbooks and laboriously write checks. Then balance their accounts while witholding the check from the waiting checker.

But I haven't....yet.

Oh and you inspired a blog yesterday:)

Lisa said...

I'll try not to annoy you today.....hope you feel better soon!