Saturday, February 14, 2009


There comes a point in a relationship were your minds start to meld. I think of Spock putting his hands on Captain Kirk's head, and somehow, they become a part of each other, sharing emotions and thoughts. They are still individuals, yet share this inexplicable bond.
David and I had been talking about buying a documentary when we were in San Miguel de Allende, called "Lost and Found in Mexico." It sold by the dozens at the local library, but we just never got around to it. Now that we're home, I haven't been able to keep my mind off that beautiful mountain city. I went to the documentary's website last week, and ordered a copy, thinking it would be a great surprise for David. Every day, I looked excitedly in the mailbox, but to no avail. It just hadn't arrived yet.
A few days ago I noticed David pawing through the mailbox with atypical gusto. He usually doesn't give a rip about the mail. He was sticking his arm deep into the mailbox, peering into its dark contents, then gave up and walked back to the car.
"Looking for something?" I asked him.
"I ordered something," he said coyly, peering at me out of the corners of his eyes. At that moment, I knew, and started to laugh hysterically.
"What??" he asked, confused.
"I ordered something, too," I told him.
"What did you order?"
"It has to do with Mexico...." When I said that it dawned on him: We'd ordered the exact same video to surprise each other. The realization had us both bursting with laughter, staring at each other in disbelief.
My video came in a little white evelope yesterday, his today. Happy Valentine's to us both. The extra 20 dollars is worth the cute story.
So tell me, do you and your sweetie somethings read each other's minds? Or think along the same frequency?


dog grrrrl said...

We do but in some strange ways. Like if we are going out an dress seperately we will wear the same color. Or we may think of going out to eat at the same place at the same time.

McJumpguez said...

Yep. There is a scene in slum dog millionaire that I thought Isaiah would love cuz it's hilarious.
When he watched it (we saw it separately), he immediately called me up and told me about this hilarious scene he had just seen. Yup, that was the one.

Lisa said...

What a great story! I wish I could have seen your faces at that moment of realization.

By the way, the same synchronicity happens if you work in the same studio with someone 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Ask Eric. It was kind of spooky sometimes.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Yes. I agree with Lisa. We could OFTEN-- VERY OFTEN-- finish each other's sentences!

Paula said...

My sweetie and I are newer at that game, but are catching glimpses of it. I think you can have that with family members and as others said, people you work with, who you get in a vibe with - like I'll think of someone I'm close to, sweetie or family, and then they'll call. That's a classic.