Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spontaneous is my middle name

Most people spend months, or even years planning a trip to Europe. David and I make the decision to go next week. I love spontaneity, I think it makes life fun and crazy. I know it makes some people nervous, and I'm glad David shares my love of the unexpected.

Several days ago, David found out there would be a big AICC conference in Stuttgart, Germany. This is where people from the aviation industry gather to learn about the latest advances in e-learning, which is his specialty. He wrote to the organizer, and immediately got on the docket to present his work. Boeing, the flight division, will be there, which is a client David hopes to snag. Anyway, we looked at airfares, and found with a week notice they were around 700 or 800 bucks. David called a few friends, look at ticket prices, and two days ago booked is into Amsterdam, and out of Paris for 800 dollars roundtrip.

This is so exciting that I can hardly concentrate on anything else. We will be spending time in Amsterdam, Germany, and Paris, and I just found out yesterday that it will be OKTOBERFEST in both Stuttgart and Munich while we are there. Guess where I'll be while David is at his conference? I did some research, and the Stuttgart festival is the second biggest in the world. There are tents that hold 5,000 people. I think I'm going to have to set my blog up for "mobile blogging," and will be posting pics to Facebook on my iPhone when I have a WiFi connection.

I was just telling David last week that we needed a vacation together. He's been working on contract most of the summer, and we haven't really gone anywhere together since Mexico in Januray. I was feeling depressed last weekend cause I felt it was the LAST sunny day EVER, and David had to slam to get his project finished. I guess someone heard my plea, and threw a vacation down in my lap. A vacation to EUROPE. I can't complain.


andrea said...

Yah, I'm so excited. The way you make it sound doesn't sound stressful at all. I could use a bit more of this spontaneity in my life =)

Lisa said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Hoffbrau House (Munich) here you come! What fun. I was in Germany for my honeymoon in 1995 and loved it. If you can tour Bavaria at all, DO IT!!!!

Abigail Bernd said...

I am so happy for you. You guys are going to have so much fun. Oktoberfest, wow! Chris was there for Oktoberfest 7 years ago. He loved it!
Some time you guys should be spontaneous and visit Chris and me in Kentucky!