Monday, September 28, 2009

Beautiful Amsterdam

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Stuttgart, Germany, getting ready to go outside, so I'm going to throw up a few photos of Amsterdam. We wandered around for several hours yesterday, looking at the people and architecture. It's really a beautiful city, with off-kilter, pushed together buildings, and winding canals. I love watching the boats go by, and the swans.

Hopefully I'll be able to throw up some pictures of Oktoberfest, and maybe some video too. Wish me luck!


Paula said...

That is a great photo journey!

andrea said...

I seriously cannot believe you are there right this moment!

It blows my 150 year old ancestor's mind!

Lisa said...

These are beautiful! I so want to visit Amsterdam some day. (I think it's funny how you keep saying you'll "throw up" the with a GIANT BEER in your hand...)

Kelly said...

Watch out for swans! They're pretty in children's books and cartoons. In real life they are hideously mean. MEAN!

Oh also I hope you're having fun!