Monday, August 24, 2009

Kitty Hug

Whenever I lay on the couch to watch a movie, my kitty comes to cuddle. She curls up in the ring of my arm, then rolls toward me so I can scratch her belly or chest. Her purring is so soothing, and I love holding her tight. I taught her this as a kitten, and she's loved it ever since.

Both David and I love this little kitty Lexi, so I just wanted to put a few pictures of her on my blog. She's one special girl.

Every morning when I get up, she jumps out of bed and waits for me in the hall. When I round the bend, she does this little leap (happy dance), gives an excited meow, and hops down the stairs. Shes' such a sweet welcoming presence in the morning.

What a good little friend.


Jim Thomsen said...

Beautiful! I'm a big cat person too. My Lucy isn't quite as much of a lap cat, but I admire her independent streak. Hopefully yours isn't too needy.

andrea said...

Apparently Morgan's kittie does NOT accept closed doors. Oh man, will this be an adjustment! But she kind of looks like Lexie, so she might be excused.

Paula said...

Those are such cute photos, and she is such a pretty kitty. My smart little athletic tabby cat is a true companion who also follows routines - running to the door to greet me or my son like a little dog, sleeping right near me in the bed, etc. She is simultaneously independent and close. She always gives me a lick on the cheek as a goodnight kiss! I think pets and their owners can feel a sort of love for each other and it is very sweet.

Abigail Bernd said...

SO gorgeous. You have such a sweet cat!