Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A desk for a writer

I have a beautiful, wooden desk in the living room of my house which I absolutely love, tucked into a corner with windows all around. I can sit and write at that desk, if David is gone or asleep. His office is in a loft directly above the living room, and each chair creak or click of his mouse takes me away from the story I'm creating. So, I told him I wanted a card table in another room, where I can just go hide, stare at a wall, and be within my thoughts and the minds of my characters.

Immediately, David started looking on Craiglist for a desk. He showed me pictures of antiques and rolltops, and I would always answer, "a card table is fine." I felt bad he was spending so much time searching for the perfect desk for me. Even I wasn't looking.

Then, while out searching garage sales one Saturday morning, he found a desk for only 10 bucks. The woman had bought it at an antique store on Capitol Hill back in the 1960's, so the desk must be really old. It has waterstains on its oak top, and the drawers often get stuck. I absolutely loved it just the way it was. Then David decided to fix it up.

So he dragged the desk out on the porch, bought a sanding kit, and started with the top. He sanded for an hour before I got home, and then sanded some more. I could start to see the beautiful grain of the oak (and no, that is not a bald spot, its a spot on the camera lens).

He then started on the drawers, sweating with exertion. Sanding is hard work, especially without power tools.
When he's done with the sanding, he will stain the desk so it looks brand new, and says he's doing all of this to enable my writing, because he believes in my talent and creativity.This is another reason why David just ROCKS. I couldn't feel more loved.


andrea said...

That is wonderful Kristin, truly wonderful. He definitely loves you and I'm so glad he encourages your talent. I can't wait to see what the desk looks like done!

Colleen said...

How romantic! You are a lucky gal indeed. What a sweet gesture.

Lisa said...

You ARE lucky! What a sweet, loving gesture.

Abigail Bernd said...

He is soo sweet! I miss you guys! I am so glad David believes in you because you are so talented! What a gorgeous desk. That's inspiring.

Paula said...

That was very sweet of David to do. He shows a lot of truly caring behavior, which seems to increase rather than decrease as time goes on. He is so there for you. Plus, he's just a nice guy. Not always a common commodity.