Thursday, May 21, 2009

I hope this morning is not predictive of the day to come

My schedule has changed so much in the last couple of weeks at work I don't know who I am anymore, or what I'm supposed to be doing. I've gone from AM reporter, to midday reporter, to PM reporter, to PM editor, to midday reporter, to PM reporter, then next Monday AM reporter again. In that order. My body clock is confused. Heck, I'm confused, and it all culminated in a frantic morning.

When I sleep in for 3 days straight and get home after 8pm, my body starts assimilating to that schedule. So, last night when I really needed to go to bed early, there was no way I was falling asleep. So I laid there. And laid there. And this morning, when my alarm was supposed to go off at 645am, it didn't. The light woke me up. At 7:20. I had to be out the door at 7:35. David and I looked like two big balls of arms and legs as we ran frantically around the house. I took a 2 minute shower, brushed my teeth with Olympic speed, threw my clothes around, threw my hair dryer and makup in a bag. David made me coffee to go and put all my things in the car.

We were out the door, in the car, when I said:

"I forgot my glasses!" So up David ran into the house, up the stairs, and I remembered I forgot something else. I slammed the door right into him as he was coming out of the house, grabbed my bag, and off we went!

I managed to make my ferry with a few minutes to spare, which could be considered early. I joined the masses in the bathroom, where women stand in a row at a face-level mirror and put on makeup and blow dry their hair. I did that, quickly, with enough time to write this poorly-written blog.

Frantic, I am. What am I supposed to be doing today? Can I please just go home.


Travis said...

I wish I could share some of my free morning with you... I woke up early because of the sun, called my friend to work-out (as previously planned) only to learn he couldnt make Curtis and I went on a walk with sadie, now I'm just quietly reading blogs and news...and I still have 2 hours before I need to be at work.

I hope your day gets better

Colleen said...

I hate that feeling!! Luckily I'm consistently AM shift, but that doesn't make the bed-to-early/early-to-rise routine any easier. Here's a tip, don't nap, don't drink coffee, stay zen all day, read before you go to bed, take a melatonin or kava tea. No sugar for dinner, eat earlier than usual. I think that does it... it's like drugging yourself each night just so you can sleep. Live long and prosper, Kristin.

Paula said...

Way to pull it together in 10 minutes. I wonder why all the scheduling chaos?

Anonymous said...

When unions used to be involved in radio stations, there was such a thing as "turnaround-time". This was the minimum time required to turn a person around between shifts. Where I used to work, it was 12 hours, meaning if you got off at 7 pm, you could not, under union rules, be required to work again until 7 am. This didn't help your body clock issues, but it at least was a more humane way of treating employees.