Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beer and a Blanket

The only thing better than a pig in a blanket, is either a Mexican (american) in a blanket, or a beer and a blanket. Especially a Mexican (american) with a goofy grin in a blanket. Yes, this picture shows another reason why Bainbridge Island ROCKS.
I met up with David and my Dad Friday night at the Public House, which is a brewpub on the island, and one of my favorite restaurants. It was a beautiful day on the back deck that overlooks a marina, the ferry terminal, and the Seattle skyline. The only problem was that it was cold and windy, a little too much for comfort.

"Blankets, anyone?" The waitress asked as she ambled over to take our order.

"Yes, please, three!"
As I put the blanket over my legs, I looked around at the rest of the patio. Patrons had blankets around their shoulders and on their laps. It was like the "Brew Pub Uniform." We were all blue in one way or another. Then I looked at David, and laughed out loud. How could he drink his beer with that blanket wrapped tightly around him? When there's a will, there's a way.

It got me to thinking - this would be even better with a Snuggie. Then everyone on the porch would look like Jedi Knights drinking beer and wine. It would be awesome. Simply awesome.
"Another beer, I would like."
"Cold is, the wind."
"Hamburger and fries, I would like."
"A beautiful view, those ferries make."
We could all talk like Jedis too.


Paula said...

Wow, how thoughtful. Brewpubs need to do that in Portland!

Travis said...

hahahaha this is fantastic!!!! that pic of david is priceless

McRiguez said...

You are such a dork! Jeti knights . . .haa ha haa

Lisa said...

So creative! LOVE the Yoda-speak!