Friday, October 16, 2009

The loss of summer

When the vivid greens and blues burn ito the firey oranges and reds of fall, I always feel a sense of loss. Gone are the long summer days sitting by the barbecue. Gone are the deep earthy smells of freshly cut lawns. Gone is the morning sunlight that makes shapes on the floor. I can feel a touch of sadness during this time, as the geese fly in formation, as trees turn inward to hibernate. I wish I could hibernate as well. A long winter of darkness looms on the horizon. Darkness will swallow days whole, and rain will pittar patter on my roof, turning the sky the same gray as Puget Sound.

I think fall this year is hitting me doubly hard because I just got back from vacation. The landscape seemed to morph while I was gone, reminding me of what's to come. I know this is just a phase, that soon I will relish wearing warm sweaters and watching rain draw lines down the ferry windows. I will enjoy the Christmas lights and hot butter rum. I will bundle up in the cold to celebrate New Years Eve.

But all that time, I will wait for the renewal of spring, my favorite season. I love when the trees awaken, curling their buds toward the light. I just have to remember that life, and the world, all have seasons, and rolling with these changes is necessary. I will mourn the loss of summer, then move onto the joys and beauty of fall.


andrea said...


Travis said...

I love summer and I love fall. I'm not a winter fan, but as long as its just a 'usual' Seattle winter (almost no snow) then I can survive it.

That looks like perhaps a fantastic use of iphone photoshop? ;)

Abigail Bernd said...

It is weird how quickly it got cold. There was frost on our car this morning! I still love fall though! You belong in warm weather- don't you?!

Paula said...

Nicely stated....I think what has been hard is that winter seemed to come right on the heels of summer, without much of a fall. Trees are fall-like and colorful, but we had such a cold snap in PDX I was turning my heater on in early October, which never happens. Today seemed a little warmer. Still, the days of sitting in the chaise lounge on a warm summer day are becoming a distant memory. And it's getting dark so early.