Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunny, Sunny Summertime

I am sitting on the upper deck of the ferry boat on my commute this morning; an oddity in Seattle. I'm relishing the fact that its 70 degrees at 9am, and will be warm when I get off work at 7pm. The sky is blue, the water still. Sometimes I think I'm the only person in Seattle who is
a) not surprised by hot temperatures in the SUMMER b) actually likes hot temperatures.

Every summer, we get a few days in the 90's, which I soak in like a lizard lying on a hot rock. The rest of the year, it's dreary and drizzly, and we complain. In winter, there is ice and snow, and we complain. In spring, it's foggy and gray, and we complain. In summer, it's hot, and we complain. I think that here in Seattle we are spoiled, because sometimes we do get those picture perfect days in the 70's. Once you taste heaven, it's hard to get used to anything else.

I love the hot summer days, because right now, I am picturing the snowstorms and ice last December. I remember my gingerbread house blanketed with snow, driving my newscar 5 miles per hour on city streets, reporting about cars sliding down Seattle hills at 5am while I coughed up a lung and snorted snot. I remember fat snowflakes finding their way between my scarf and my neck. I remember my hands turning to ice inside my gloves. Those are not my ideas of a good time, people.

I love that it's summer, and that I get to use a fan in my house. I love that it still gets cool at night, unlike Texas that is sweltering and muggy. I love the baby robins stashed in thick brush outside my window. No, I don't want to hear stories about how everyone is staying cool, how AC units are flying off store shelves, how people are suffering. It's just a few hot days of summer, and it will all be over soon.
I'd be more impressed if it was over 105.


Travis said...


after living somewhere that DOES get to 105 every summer (and stays that way for several weeks) I think Seattle is full of complainers.

Its summer, yes it can be moderately uncomfortable, but deal with it.

And thank GOD its not snowing, freezing, or flooding.

andrea said...

Oh, its supposed to be 100 today. That I am not looking forward to because I will find no solace. At work, there is no A/C in my area (which I'm fine with, but a little worried about this heat) and my car ran out of A/C and my dance class, well, even when its just 70, it feels like 80 in there, so we'll see how today goes. But yes, normally I just slather on the SPF, throw on a cute summer dress and I'm good to go!

Paula said...

Hottest heat wave in PDX in nearly 20 years. Very thankful for AC. We've had kind of a violent year in weather, with this high heat, and 2 weeks of solid ice/snow in December. I like hot, but prefer 85 or less. People in PDX seem to think much over 75 is very hot. Yet I don't hear much complaint about weather here - unless the rain doesn't let up for 2 solid weeks. There aren't as many sun freaks, as So Cal people are (including me), here - meaning you can't wait to hit the chaise lounge and soak it up, like a lizard, as you say.

abigail said...

I wish I had the same attitude as you! I like the heat but can't handle it as well as you. You are a true sun person!